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It can feel like a life or death matter when you aren't reaching the profits you need to survive and grow. Four ways to get out from under that stress.

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As a business owner, have you ever just wanted to get the broom out and sweep out your entire team because they won't do what you want them to do? You often wonder why your team won't perform or execute what you want them to do. Have you ever worked for a company that couldn't get their arms around their sales team? It gets so bad they can't even get them to show up on time. Now that might not be the case with you, however when companies don't have a Standard Operating Procedure Handbook the result is controlled chaos. There are four areas that can help you improve your profits and raise sales.


If you have people working for you who are not committed to your team, then you have team breakers. They are like bad apples, you place them in a bushel of nice apples and all they do is rot the rest. Find out who is committed and who isn't. You either tolerate, motivate or eliminate.


Having written policies will clear up miscommunication along with all the excuses you hear people use to cover up their mistakes. Today's teams need to have clear expectations on how to perform. The last thing you want is the underachievers teaching your new salesperson how to break rules or make up their own rules


Teaching and training your team to execute the procedures is what makes your company different. This is how you do business at your company. Can you imagine having hundreds of employees and one hundred of them having one hundred different ways to do business? What happens in business is that as you have employee turn over the procedures become watered down, due to fact that most companies have put training on the shelf behind last year's goods that you sold. The results are almost fatal, nobody knows what to do or the how to do.


This is more important today than most business leaders realize. The process is the how to do it and where the rubber meets the road. How can businesses today expect their team to execute if they don't have clear expectations or the skills to execute? Training for most companies has dried up like the Mojave Desert. Companies continually commit business suicide by placing untrained people in profitable positions without trained skills, so they fail by default.

Ask any Firefighters and they'll tell you all they do is train. They never would show up at a fire and say, now what? The captain for the most part would never say, "I have no idea but if you put the wet stuff on the hot stuff that might work or tell the other guy to do spray and pray or surround and drown."

Trained professional organizations have the right people in place who are backed with policies and procedures. You can do the same thing if you have standard operating procedures and follow the above rules.

Business isn't about life and death, but at times it seems like it when you aren't reaching the profits you need to survive or grow. When you have clear strategies backed with a goal, your team will be able to focus on the main thing. That's the key today, focus on the main thing, and keep the main thing the main thing.

George Dans is a speaker, trainer and founder of The World’s Greatest Closer, a sales training and life changing firm specializing in personal and professional development.

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