Not your same, old meeting

Not your same, old meeting

Five tips to develop a worthwhile and effective meeting culture in your snow and ice operations.

August 22, 2018
Stephanie Sauers-Boyd
Culture is the foundation upon which we do everything in our businesses. Whether it’s designing a new corporate logo, picking shirt colors, or placing potted plants throughout the office – we are creating culture. A key component to any business is finding which type of culture is needed to make you successful, and then sticking to it. When quality culture exists in your business, employees feel part of a team, productivity is greater, and your company stands out above the competition.

In fact, how you conduct meetings has a huge impact on the corporate culture you’re trying — or in some case, discouraging) to create.

At our Philadelphia-based headquarters we have worked to establish a healthy meeting culture. Although it doesn’t happen overnight, it has been an on-going process and a focal point of our day-to-day here at Sauers HQ.

We have all been a part of meetings that, for various reasons, start with the best of intentions but ultimately devolve and end up destroying any morale gained or progress made among team members. In the end, they’re a callosal waste of time.

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