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September 29, 2016

Despite last year’s lackluster winter, we received a record number of submissions from the snow and ice management industry for this year’s Top 100 list.

Here’s a little background on how Snow Magazine conducted the process of collecting the 2016 Top 100 data.

This year, as early as mid-March, notices began going out to last year’s Top 100 companies to begin compiling their total winter revenue and to head to our online form to submit their numbers. At the same time, we broadcast to the rest of the snow and ice management community to total and submit their winter revenue figures. At the time, companies had the option of requesting a follow-up inquiry to check if the winter revenue figures had changed following initial submission.

This process remained open until July 4. At the conclusion of the submission process the numbers were confirmed, tallied and ranked. And like in past years, those companies reporting identical revenue figures shared the higher ranking.

Top 100 companies were honored during a special awards dinner at this year's Executive Summit, held in early August in Fort Myers, Fla. Those individuals present at the ceremony were recognized with a plaque. – Mike Zawacki, editor

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