Editor’s Notebook: Toro blows through walkway cleanup
Toro has enhanced its Power Clear single-stage models for Winter 2019-20.

Editor’s Notebook: Toro blows through walkway cleanup

Enhanced and improved Power Clear snow blower lineup muscles through heavy snow quickly.

November 6, 2019


Contractors relying on snow blowers as labor-saving option to more efficiently manage sidewalk and walkway duties may be interested in the recent improvements and enhancements Toro has made to its Power Clear line of winter products.

The enhanced Power Clear single-stage models feature 252cc 4-cycle OHV engines that can throw snow up to 40 feet. According to Toro, the optimized units’ Power Propel system clears snow to the pavement and reduces clogging. In addition, ergonomic improvements are kinder to the operators.

The Power Clear lineup includes a variety of options, sizes and configurations:
18-inch 518 ZR and ZE models. Slices through snow more than a foot deep. The modes are reliable, productive. The ZE models feature electric start functionality.

60V Battery

21-inch e21 60V battery-powered models. Lithium-ion technology requires minimal maintenance. Ideal for concrete and asphalt surfaces, the new models remove up to 12 inches of snow in a single pass. The new 21-inch Power Clear 60V models are available in three configurations:

  • Model 39901T: e21 60V battery snow blower without the battery assembly
  • Model 39901: e21 60Vbatterysnow blower with one7.5 amp hour(ah), L405battery
  • Model 39902: e21 60V battery snow blower with two 6.0 ah, L324batteries

21-inch 721. A powerhouse unit capable of managing tough winter conditions, the 21-inch 721 features a 212cc 4-cycle OHV engine, and is available in standard models with or without electric start, commercial upgrade with extended life paddles, and quick shoot on the QZE model.

21-inch 821 QZE. For extremely deep snow, the 21-inch 821 QZE makes quick work of winter’s worst conditions. Additionally, customers can place snow exactly where they want it with the incorporation of a quick shoot trigger.

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