Editor's Notebook: Ventrac Highlights SSV

Editor's Notebook: Ventrac Highlights SSV

Video takes the Sidewalk Snow Vehicle through its paces and could be a solution to your winter labor problems.


Ventrac has a new video of its Sidewalk Snow Vehicle, or SSV. It's a pretty impressive 5-minute digital experience to see the company take the unique looking machine through its paces.



Here's a little bit of company literature about the SSV provided by Ventrac:

For snow contractors, what was once a frustrating area to service is now made easy with the addition of the SSV. The Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Vehicle is unique because it takes on a smaller form than most commercial equipment with a 34-inch machine width. It can easily fit on those narrow 36-inch sidewalks and all attachments are built with the same parameters in mind so that everything goes together seamlessly.

Features found on the operator’s platform include the ignition switch, USB 2.0 charging port, front headlights, rear work lights, and the gauge cluster. Viewing the gauge will easily show the operator hours in use, voltage, parking brake, and oil pressure. Drop spreader and/or brine system controls are located in the center of the operator’s platform, including the hand held nozzle for the brine and controls to regulate the flow of material.

I'm looking forward to seeing the SSV firsthand at the upcoming Snow Show, Aug. 30-31 in Pittsburgh, and talking to company reps about the impact it could have for contractors trying to overcome winter labor shortage. They'll be in Booth #114.