Notebook: Winter Equipment Listens And Delivers
Winter Equipment improves Razor XL carbide snowplow cutting edge system’s wear bar for increased durability and longevity.
Winter Equipment

Notebook: Winter Equipment Listens And Delivers

Encouraged by customer feedback, manufacturer improves its Razor XL carbide snowplow cutting edge system for for increased durability and longevity.

November 30, 2020

It pays to listen to customers.

Positive customer feedback from the recent improvement to its Patriot Cutting Edge System has lead Winter Equipment to improve the wear bar on its Razor XL Carbide Snowplow Cutting Edge System.

The Razor XL system features a trio of interlocking cutting edges that have pre-welded wear bars and
abrasion-resistant covers. The new wear bars are one-piece, high-quality cast design that are 2-inches longer than the previous wear bar and filled with Winter carbide matrix for increased blade life and superior cutting power.

For snow professionals, longer blade life means reduced blade changes, reduced material costs, reduced labor costs and reduced workman comp claims from the hazards of heavy, one-piece blades.

“The new wear bar on our Razor XL system can provide up to three times the wear life compared to standard carbide and cover systems,” says Winter Equipment founder and CEO Kent Winter. “Longer blade life means users experience less downtime changing out blades and more time plowing to keep streets and parking lots safe.”

Designed to clear packed snow and ice to reveal a safe road surface with minimal salt and chemical treatment, Winter Equipment’s aggressive Razor XL cutting edges are intended for highway, city street, and rural road applications.

In addition to extending its wear life, the blade’s larger footprint decreases pounds per square inch, which increases overall blade life as well as decreasing salt usage and chemical treatment.

The Razor XL system features a HammerHead carbide radius tip that offers 30 percent more carbide and allows for premium performance on multiple attack angles.

An integrated, heat-treated, steel cover protects from impact and is welded on for easy installation. On both sides of the cutting edge, the system includes a heavy-duty steel adaptor plate and two Winter PlowGuard MAXX  guards manufactured from high-quality material and reinforced with proprietary carbide matrix to defend against uneven and premature wear.

The system also comes with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that if the product’s wear system does not perform or last as long as promised, the company will work with its customers until they are satisfied.