Winter Equipment Introduces Plow Blade Guards
Winter Equipment's PlowGuard MAXX
Winter Equipment

Winter Equipment Introduces Plow Blade Guards

Winter PlowGuard MAXX guards designed to promote even wear and increase municipal plow blade life.

May 21, 2019

Winter Equipment introduces PlowGuard MAXX, a solid cast plow guard that increases the life of the municipal plow blade, while promoting even wear from end to end.

Manufactured of solid-cast, proprietary, high-strength steel material with a carbide matrix weld fill, the hard base material and upgraded weld wire provide extended wear life.

PlowGuard MAXX guards are available in three configurations, each in two sizes, 6-inch and 8-inch. The straight configuration can be bolted anywhere on the plow blade that has a high wear pattern. The PlowGuard MAXX CurbCast guards are offered in right and left configurations to protect the ends of the blade. Configurations can be mixed and matched to customize for adapting to the unique wear patterns or conditions that each blade might experience.

“Our innovative PlowGuard MAXX will defend the integrity of your plow blade,” said Kent Winter, founder and CEO of Winter Equipment. “If your plow blades are experiencing a unique wear pattern, we have the solution that will increase the life of your blades.”

The new PlowGuard MAXX is designed to protect Winter’s BlockBuster, Razor and Razor XL cutting edge systems. Its unique, contemporary design eliminates the need for an adapter plate. The PlowGuard MAXX ships with upgraded fasteners that provide superior strength and eliminate shearing.