Winter Equipment’s Xtendor Available
Winter Equipment

Winter Equipment’s Xtendor Available

The majority of OEM snowplows compatible with the versatile plow guards that protect against premature wear and eliminate in-season blade changes.


Winter Equipment introduced its new Xtendor Universal plow guard designed to fit Boss  snowplows along with most Douglas Dynamic (Fisher, Western and SnowEx), Meyer and SnowDogg snow plows. Some exceptions may apply depending on the cutting-edge hole pattern.

Designed to protect against premature and uneven wear typically experienced on curb edges and corners, the guard features high-quality Winter Carbide Matrix filled hard surfacing in the bottom pockets. Its proprietary A22 steel alloy one-piece casting -- standard on all Winter Equipment cast products -- allows for easy installation and promotes the wear life throughout the entire guard.

The Xtendor Universal has a horizontal slotted punch pattern that provides the flexibility to fit a wide range of snow plow manufacturers. For operations with multiple manufacturers in their fleets, it offers the ability to order and inventory one guard that universally fits all.  

Snow channels on the front bottom of the Xtendor Universal guard create an aggressive cutting surface to break up hard packed snow and direct it vertically. The “W” design in the center of the guard reduces the overall product weight and, if preferred, allows the guard to be welded directly to the blade to decrease its lateral movement.

The Xtendor Universal fills the void for contractors and fleet owners with Boss plows, says Kent Winter, founder and CEO of Winter Equipment.

“Plow guards provide incredible protection and efficiency by substantially extending guard and blade life," Winter says. "Having a guard that is flexible for use on multiple plow manufacturers is an additional efficiency.”

Intended for use on city streets and parking lots, Xtendor Universal plow guards reduce uneven and premature wear and help to eliminate in-season blade changes, which reduces downtime and increases contractor productivity.

CLICK HERE to view the complete Xtendor product line OEM fit guide

Shipped free, the Xtendor Universal plow guard is 6-inches tall, 21-inches long and 1.5-inches deep, and comes ready to mount, with all parts and hardware. CLICK HERE for more info.