We Are Thankful…
Marek Uliasz

We Are Thankful…

Leave the past behind you, says ASCA’s Kevin Gilbride, and instead focus on the cornucopia of things we have to be thankful for now and in the year ahead.

November 25, 2020

As we begin to turn the corner on 2020, I much rather remain mindful and present then dwell on this last year. So, in a different take on Thanksgiving, let’s take a minute and look ahead to what we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and on into 2021.

We are thankful…

For the opportunity of another prosperous snow season. The start of every season provides with new hope, opportunity, and challenges. The ability to overcome those challenges is often the key that leads to success.

That our teams are well trained and ready to go for the season. If any positive has come out of the pandemic, then it’s a reinforcement of the importance of training proper procedures and an emphasis on

maintaining safe working conditions from shop to site and back again. Once this unfortunate event is behind us, let’s be mindful to remain vigilant when it comes to safe work conditions. Likewise, we are thankful for our fleets of equipment and especially those employees who tune them up, grease their components, change their oil and make sure they’re ready to go.

For our customers who we work so closely with to best service their properties. These relationships provide us the opportunity to thrive and be successful.   

For sleepless nights, as they provide us with serviceable opportunities. Only in the snow industry do we relish sleepless nights. They give us and our teams the opportunity to exercise our craft and prove ourselves against the elements.

For numerous 2-3-inch events this coming season. We all know the perfect storms are the ones that allow us to drop the plows, provide deicing services and move on. Fifteen to 20 of these events would provide for a perfect winter.

That we established well thought out plans for the season and have backup plans in place for the unknown. The most important part of being a snow and ice management company is the work done before the season even starts. A well thought out plan allows the season to progress smoothly.

For our dedicated teams! Without them we have nothing!

For being an essential service. We know we are going to work when the weather comes.

For the opportunities presented to us every day! These days, with so many unknowns for so many people, knowing we are going to work is a blessing.

For our families at home. They are who we do this for! A lot of us have been able to spend more time than ever before with our families. This is a true blessing and something we all should be thankful for!
Did I miss any? I’m sure I did. That’s why I’d love to know what you believe should be on this list, as well. If you have one, email me at kgilbride@ascaonline.com.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!