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ASCA Update - Guest Column

August 27, 2017

Over the last few years, I’ve sought ways to bridge the gap and stay connected with readers and members throughout the year. The ASCA has helped close that divide through the introduction of its Executive Summit, which takes place in late summer, and through the recent introduction of the Snow and Ice Show, which happens in the spring.

While both events are successful, I still believed there were opportunities available to do more and further connect with snow and ice management professionals.

I’ve always been a big fan of the potential the Internet and social media has in making and cultivating relationships in the snow and ice management industry. So, we’ve created a FREE interactive online webinar series that provides ASCA members and Snow Magazine readers access to the industry’s brightest minds for tips and insight on how to run more profitable and more efficient snow and ice management operations.

In fact, we’ve already kicked off the initiative with two webinars. The first (June) featured Troy Clogg, founder and leader of Troy Clogg Landscape Associates in Wixom, Mich. Troy, a 2010 Leadership Award recipient, is an industry vet who offered his unique approach for building, populating and managing the people within an efficient and effective snow and ice business.

We followed that up in July with Ontario-based snow and ice management contractor David Lammers who discussed how he overcame the challenges associated with training and educating his labor force. David, the president and founder of Garden Grove Landscaping, shares the why and how behind the creation of Garden Grove University, and how he went from concept to a viable education program. David, a 2016 Leadership Award recipient, addressed the challenges he faced along the way, and provided guidance on how to replicate a similar concept within your own company.

All Lunch & Learn webinars are archived on the Snow Magazine website.

So, going forward, every month at noon EST, I will host a FREE Lunch & Learn webinar that will feature guests from throughout the snow and ice management industry. These individuals will share their lessons, knowledge and experiences on how you can grow and improve your operation, as well as address any number of related topics. In addition, those attending the webinar live you have the ability to submit questions for immediate follow-up.

Be on the lookout for registration announcements so that you can attend the webinar live and take part in the conversation. They will typically be made about one week to 10 days out, and will be promoted via the Snow Magazine enewsletter and in special email announcements sent directly to your inbox.

If you have topics you’d like addressed in future webinars, or if you believe you’d be a good featured guest, feel free to reach out to me at

Mike Zawacki is the editor of Snow Magazine.