2018 State of the Industry: A half full … or half empty … snow shovel

This year’s report examines how close or how far off the mark contractors were with their assessments on how Winter 2017-18 was supposed to turn out.

If hindsight is 20/20, then what’s foresight worth? We decided to test that notion out with this year’s State of the Industry research.

We asked participants as they headed into Winter 2017-18 what did they anticipate about the coming snow season. Was the snow shovel going to be half full or half empty. It turns out that around 23 percent of respondents predicted a positive business environment, while 20 percent anticipated dire results. The remaining 57 percent hoped for “normal” winter conditions. From there we broke down some key data and compared it to other popular industry benchmarks. You see this breakdown displayed as “Positive Outlook” and “Negative Outlook” on the following pages. Judge for yourselves whether their gut feelings about the coming winter’s activity were on the mark or just a bad case of indigestion.

Never fear, on the following pages we also include the benchmarking figures we provide with every State of the Industry report. We attempted to provide some deeper breakdowns here to, hopefully, provide some offering insight to what these numbers mean to your overall snow and ice management operations.

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