NOTEBOOK: ASV Plays The Match Game

Equipment maker launches a new line of branded attachments specifically for is compact track loader and skid-steer lines.

ASV has introduced a line of branded attachments tested for use on ASV machines, including a full range of buckets, pallet forks, grapples and brush mowers. Each attachment type is available for every machine in ASV’s lineup.

The attachment lineup allows ASV dealers to serve as a single point of contract for snow and ice management and allied construction contractors.

“It’s our goal to enhance convenience for our customers in everything from the purchase process to the operation of our equipment,” said Jeff Pate, director of sales for the ASV brand. “Our new attachment line streamlines the purchasing process by allowing ASV dealers to be a one-stop-shop and ensures our customers get the best performance and reliability with an ASV attachment.”

Tested for use with ASV machines, the attachments allows operators to attach the tool with the confidence. Plus, the attachments feature a 24-month warranty, providing additional peace of mind with parts and support available directly from ASV.

In addition, commercial buyers who purchase an ASV machine through an ASV dealer have the option to bundle the attachment in a finance package.

ASV plans to expand the attachment line to add to the growing capabilities of ASV machines and fill the increasing demands and variety of job-specific applications.

The attachments are available for order through ASV’s dealer network. CLICK HERE to find a dealer.