Play Both Sides

When recruiting, are you only looking out for your own interests? Learn why you need to advocate for the candidate, as well, to be successful with new hires.

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A recruiter at a company is tasked with getting the best talent from the market at the best price for the company. This was a quite common understanding of what recruiting was at its most basic level for an exceptionally long time. While the first part still holds, everyone can probably agree that times have changed, drastically.

Recruiters must be a trusted advisor to the business – this continues to be a staple of good consultative recruiting. Now add the notion that ‘us and them’ is now the worst approach you can use if you want to get the best talent to join your team and accept your offer. While you’ll continue to build relationships with hiring managers and internal stakeholders – you can no longer treat the candidate as anything less. In a competitive market, you must also be a trusted advisor to candidates.

You may be wondering how you can advocate for both sides – isn’t that usually why everyone gets their own lawyer in a battle? In recruiting it doesn’t have to be that extreme and you truly can negotiate and bargain in good faith for both parties.

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