Hire Sled Dogs

To beat your competitors your team must work together to pull your snow ops forward. Learn how to assemble a team committed to pulling your sled through the snow and toward success.

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Imagine your snow management business is a dogsled. You are in a race and counting on your team of dogs to pull your sled across the finish line ahead of all the other racers.

The sled is your business, the dogs are your employees, and the other racers are competitors. To beat those competitors, it’s critical you assemble a dog team that works well together and is committed to winning the race.

Elite racers know building the best dogsled team begins with choosing those that work to win. The key is to find dogs that actually want to pull the sled. Not every dog likes to pull it – and not every person can excel at providing the kind of customer service you need to beat your competitors. Learn from mushers – hire for relentless performance.

Customer-service pros are made, not born, so good core attitudes are essential. Identify and hire people who have the skills and attitudes you want and then help them learn the skills to provide exceptional and relentless customer service. Those people will have an instinct for talking to people and treating them with respect and concern – the foundational elements of great customer service.

Positive energy and attitude go a long way in building a service culture within your snow ops. Look for positivity, mental agility, sincerity, and creativity. Once empowered, those people will be relentless in serving customers. Hire people who will drive your business, share your goals, and are committed to driving your business. Not every dog wants to pull a sled, and not every employee wants to do whatever it takes to ensure you succeed.

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