Your Best Recruiters

Six reasons why your existing workforce is the most effective hiring tool you’re not using to its greatest potential.

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Not every recruiter can be an engineer, or hair stylist, or accountant. They know how to hire these roles, but not how to become them. On the flip side, it’s not as hard for every employee to act as a recruiter. In fact, recruiting power in each employee is often unrealized because we’re so busy relying on recruiters to be the only one recruiting.

There was an incredible program once developed for a service industry. Every manager in this company went through training to both spot and learn how to engage with potential candidates. A calling card was available to hand out to potential superstars and managers could facilitate an introduction to a recruiter. The candidate would always get a call and the managers received a referral bonus if there was a connection with the candidate – even if they were not hired. The company paid managers for this time, and with a 20% success rate, a fruitful pipeline of high-quality candidates emerged.

What they learned was just giving out the cards wasn’t enough – managers needed training to know what to look for! They needed a little of that magical recruiter eye. If a 20% success rate using resources you already have isn’t convincing enough, CLICK HERE to learn six more reasons why non-recruiters are the best recruiters you have.