2018 Leadership Award Profile: Bruce Moore Sr.

Bruce Moore Sr. raises the level of respect for maintenance industry professionals at Eastern Land Management.

Many professionals who end up in the snow and ice maintenance industry started their careers at a young age pushing a shovel or a lawnmower at a relative’s operation.

But Bruce Moore Sr., founder and CEO of Eastern Land Management in Stamford, Conn., came to landscape maintenance through an early appreciation of the art of business.

His earliest contact with business came from lessons learned through his grandfather, who was a “gentleman farmer” after retiring from his work as a dairy farmer, Moore Sr. says.

“He and I teamed up when I was probably about 14 or 15 and started raising strawberries and vegetables on his property,” says Moore Sr.

Once the produce was ready to harvest, his grandfather would set up a roadside stand, along one of the main routes in his hometown of New Milford, Conn., he says. At the end of the season, Moore Sr.’s grandfather would invite him into the small office in the back of his house to go over the books.

“He was a very smart business guy, and really gave me my first very strong business lesson,” Moore Sr. says. “He would save all the receipts from the seeds or plants we had bought, kept track of our time, and of course the revenue we generated from the roadside stand. He’d say, ‘Here’s what we took in, and here’s what we spent. Here’s for your time, and here’s for my time. And we’re going to split the profits.’ I remember that like it was yesterday.”

Growing up close to his grandfather, Moore Sr. took the lessons to heart, and he went on to get his degree in business administration from Bryant University in Rhode Island, he says. During summers in college, he would work for an arborist company in Connecticut. Once he finished school, he had a job offer waiting for work with a rental equipment company in Rhode Island, but he decided that he’d rather head back home to Connecticut, continuing his work with the arborist and developing his interest in the green industry.

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