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So you support legislative change as a means to improve the professional snow and ice management industry... now what? ASCA's Kevin Gilbride outlines how to back up all of the talk for a better business environment.

I spent a few days last month in the Garden State at the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association’s Annual Trade Show and Conference.

Jody Shilan, who puts on a great event, invited the ASCA to put on a Snow Rally with the expressed goal of educating contractors on how to protect themselves from fraudulent slip-and-fall claims. It also served to create some buzz and momentum for the upcoming legislative days in their state, scheduled for March 24. 

For those of you not in the know, Legistlative Days focuses on meeting with a states elected leadership to educate them on not only the important issues our industry faces, but the vital role professional snow and ice managers play in providing critical winter services.

While Legislative Day is an ASCA event, we are very excited to partner with Jody and the NJLCA and Dominic Mondi and the New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association (NJNLA) for this event.

As one of the ASCA's core missions, we are working for positive legislative change.  Our mission in New Jersey, as in all states, is to bring parity to the laws.  The ASCA has done the research and set the stage for a positive event on March 24th, in Trenton. 

However, one question I'm frequently asked is: How do you achieve legislative change?

First, we must look at ourselves, at our businesses and sat our industry.  What have we done to protect ourselves?  Have we taken the steps, in this cases, to place the mantle of responsibility for risk management onto ourselves?

This is what the ASCA is all about.  At the rally, Matt Peterson and Josh Ferguson, both good partners and frequent collaborators, talked in depth about the state of the snow and ice management industry as it pertains to risk and risk management and what contractors can be doing on their own. 

This starts with utilizing best risk management practices in your business.  It starts with following the ANSI/ASCA System requirements for snow and ice management (Industry Standards).

Next, comes a continued commitment to professionalism.  Can you go to a legislative body and say, "I’ve done my part, now can you do yours?" ASCA Certified education is one more thing to hang your hat on.      

Dominic Mondi covered in our closing at the rally legislative change begins by creating awareness.  If our elected officials are not aware there is a problem, they will never do anything about. 

Our only course of action at this point it to begin creating awareness.

The ASCA, NJLCA, and NJNLA are leading the charge.  For New Jersey contractors we hope you will join us in Trenton on March 24th.'re up next…April 8th in Springfield!


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