Editor’s Notebook: New York Snowfighter Donates Masks

10,000 much needed N95 masks now available to local health care community.

© east end group
East End Group has made 10,000 N95 masks available to its local healthcare community.

A big shout out and a toot of the plow truck horn goes to ASCA member and Long Island-based East End Group, which announced the donation of 10,000 N95 masks to local hospitals and health organizations.

“East End Group is well position in the emergency response space and has inventor and access to N95 masks that many may not,” says East End Group Managing Partner Ryan Dempsey in a statement. “We pride ourselves in being a company that cares and does the right thing – donating these masks to those that need them desperately is just the right thing to do.”

Dempsey advises hospitals, health care concerns and local governments in need of the N95 masks to contact him at the East End offices (631/849-6464).

ATTENTION SNOW CONTRACTORS! We want to share your contributions and the efforts made to your community in this time of crisis. Please reach out to me (mzawacki@gie.net) and I’ll share it with the rest of the community. Your example may inspire others in the professional snow and ice management industry to do the same in their communities. Remember, we will get through this together!

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