Ariens Mammoth 850 Multi-Attachment Vehicle

Ariens Mammoth 850 Multi-Attachment Vehicle

November 24, 2021


The unique ride-on multi-attachment vehicle is the first of its kind and is designed for applications that require substantial snow and ice removal operations, including for city use, municipalities, universities and commercial landscaping. Operators can effortlessly clear snow or perform other tasks when working on large surfaces.

The Mammoth 850 attachments are controlled by a joystick and the tractor operates through skid-steer style steering. It features a 28.5-horsepower Kawasaki 850V EFI engine with dual-canister filtration that generates uninterrupted power delivery and automatically adjusts to the application. Four Parker motors power a four-wheel drive riding experience on 22” Kendra Terra Trac tires, with a max forward speed of 8 mph and max reverse speed of 4 mph. It has an Ogura 2.75 electric PTO clutch for smooth acceleration and a 10-gallon fuel tank that provides several hours of operation.

The Snowzilla Quick-Attach System is an easy-to-use technology that enables operators to swap attachments in as little as 30 seconds. It is a sealed, electric quick-connect coupling system that has no belts or hydraulic hoses, which limits the time it takes to connect or disconnect an attachment and the maintenance required. Optional attachments include:

  • 48” blade with 30-degree pivot angle. A steel edge is standard with an optional poly-edge. Joystick-controlled, it offers a clear line of sight to the attachment. Skid shoes optional.
  • 44” power brush with 20-degree rotation right and left. Electric joystick-controlled with a low discharge height, it features polymer bristles which can be individually replaced and is attached with an easy connect PTO (power take off) with shaft collar.
  • 36” or 48” snow blower with a dual-hinge chute cap that can throw snow from 3’ to 60’. Controlled by an electric joystick rotation, it has 200 degrees of chute rotation. It features a 16” impeller and steel scraper blade. It utilizes the same pro-style skid shoes that found on two-stage Ariens Sno-Thros.
  • Salt drop Spreader that features a variable width spread from 30” to 60” with on-dash control.
  • Brine attachment that uses a 20-gallon on-board tank that includes pump, controller, spray nozzles and spray wand. The sprayer operates behind the machine and is the same width as the machine, ensuring wide spraying coverage. A hand wand is included for spot treatment.

Many landscapers are choosing brine for pre-treatment because it reduces the effort to clear after the blizzard. Also, brine can cost less than salt, doesn’t bounce off paved surfaces into landscape areas and doesn’t leave residue behind.

Operator comfort is central to the design of the Mammoth 850. The operator cockpit is based on a flip-up platform with a premium foam pad you would find on snowmobiles. Heated grips come standard on the vehicle’s adjustable-speed control bar. Several controls are at the operator's fingertips, including an electric joystick for attachments, LED light switches (for its LED headlights and rear-facing lights), brine attachment switch and controls, chute cap control, PTO (power take off, like a zero-turn mower), handwarmer (on/off) and throttle control level.