Fisher Minute Mount 2 Attachment Kits (March 2020)

Fisher Minute Mount 2 Attachment Kits (March 2020)

March 12, 2020

Fisher Engineering

Fisher Engineering's new Minute Mount 2 attachment kits for tractors, meeting a high customer demand for non-truck mounted snowplow applications.

These kits are designed to easily attach Fisher heavy-duty straight blades, v-plows and winged plows to tractors. This gives the operator more maneuverability, efficiency and versatility when plowing, while allowing more vehicles to operate Fisher plows.

“Fleet interchangeability, comfort and high efficiency are on the top of our customers’ priority lists,” said Tyler Jones, product manager for Fisher Engineering. “We're proud to offer these new mount kits, so that tractor operators can enjoy the benefits of Fisher’s broad line of premium snowplows and their enhanced efficiency with a tractor.”

A removable push beam allows for easy installation and removal of the plow. Also, with these attachment kits, operators don't need to completely uninstall the mount when reattaching the loader system.