Fisher UTV Hopper Spreader

Fisher UTV Hopper Spreader

March 8, 2016

Fisher Engineering

Fisher Engineering, manufacturer of FISHER brand snow removal and ice control equipment, introduces the Poly-Caster UTV, a new poly hopper spreader designed specifically for utility vehicles.

The 11-cu-ft Poly-Caster UTV spreader combines professional features of larger spreader models with a lightweight design that is specifically tailored for today's utility vehicles. Features include a multi-angled hopper that prevents bridging and clogging and provides maximum flow to the auger; a quick-connect spinner assembly that gives the operator easy access to the vehicle's hitch; a traverse auger delivery system that automatically backs itself in and out until an obstruction is cleared or an adjustment has been made; and a dual variable-speed control that allows operators to independently control the two 12-volt auger and spinner motors to precisely match material flow and spread pattern to conditions.

In addition, the Poly-Caster UTV spreader features a standard top screen to break up large chunks of de-icing material during loading, a heavy-duty steel frame, fitted tarp cover and standard vibrating inverted V with 12-volt vibrator.