SuperMaxx spreaders

SuperMaxx spreaders

July 27, 2012

SnowEx Products

SnowEx has introduced its highest-capacity line of spreaders, the SuperMaxx series. Intended for large contractors and municipalities, the spreaders are loaded with many new features for enhanced performance and easy pre-wetting integration.

The SuperMaxx series includes the 9300X, 9500X and 9800X, available with 3.3-, 4.3- and 6.0-cubic-yard capacities, respectively. The spreaders feature a unique cab-forward design with up to 33 percent better payload distribution, resulting in improved safety and reduced stress on the carrying vehicle.

Exclusive to the SuperMaxx series, the spreaders include a patented wet/dry mixing chamber. Within the chamber, the auger feed system mixes brine with the spreading material before delivering it to the spinner. This feature maximizes the effectiveness of pre-wetting applications by ensuring a precise, even coating of brine.

The hoppers are made from corrosion-resistant polyethylene and include a multi-angle design to promote a continuous flow of material to the auger feed system. Furthermore, an inverted “V” baffle and attached vibrator reduce clumping and allow the units to spread all bulk materials, including 100-percent salt, 100-percent sand and any combination in between.

The spreaders are completely electric-powered with a 12-volt, ¾-horsepower auger motor and 1.6-horsepower spinner motor. To ensure durability and ease of maintenance, the motors and transmission are sealed within weather-resistant enclosures. The control panel is also protected in a weather-resistant enclosure with a clear inspection cover.

The SuperMaxx series is controlled by an innovative pendant-style controller with a digital readout and dials for independently adjusting the variable-speed spinner and auger. It comes with blast and pulse features, as well as auto-reverse and overload protection. If the truck is equipped with a pre-wetting system, the controller can toggle it on and off, automatically adjusting the pre-wetting system’s flow according to the spreader’s material feed rate.

Furthermore, a new low-profile spinner design with stainless-steel deflector helps the SuperMaxx series accurately spread material up to 40 feet wide. Additionally, the 12-inch stainless-steel spinner contains adjustable cups, allowing the operator to fine-tune the spread pattern. When not in use, the modular spinner assembly can be flipped into the upright position, providing full access to the vehicle’s hitch.

Other standard features include a fitted tarp, top screen, LED safety strobe lights, noncombustible wiring and vertically oriented ratchet straps. The spreaders are covered by an industry-leading two-year parts and labor warranty.