Toro 60V Power Max Two-Stage Snow Blower

Toro 60V Power Max Two-Stage Snow Blower

November 21, 2021


Homeowners can now put Toro’s Flex-Force Power System up against winter’s deepest snow drifts with the new Toro 60V Power Max Two-Stage Snow Blower. Forget what you thought you knew about battery-powered snow blowers — the new 60V Power Max is a force to be reckoned with.

“A two-stage battery-powered snow blower that could deliver just as much power as a gas model, was once a pipe dream — then we developed the 60V Power Max two-stage snow blower,” says Tom Werner, senior marketing manager at Toro. “This unit is identical to Toro’s gas two-stage model in every way, except it packs a powerful punch with our Flex-Force Power System, the most powerful battery in its class.”

Available in two models, the e24 and e26, the new snow blower is the only battery-powered unit designed with three battery ports. With two batteries on board, the e26 clears 30 parked car spaces on one charge. With a third battery port on board, you can harness the power of three 7.5ah 60V Flex-Force batteries to easily clear 45 parked car spaces in up to ten inches of snow.

Built with long-lasting, heavy-duty steel, the new 60V snow blower is tough and ready to deliver power without compromise to tackle your biggest snowstorms — just like the rest of the Toro two-stage snow blower family. Both models feature Toro’s innovative Quick Stick® chute control to put snow where you want it easily, and on the go. The new snow blower does not require shear pins and features a hardened gear and auger, plus an anti-clogging system. Additionally, Toro has equipped the e26 model with handwarmers so you can blow through the snow without the chill.

“The Toro Flex-Force Power System is all about flexible power. The interchangeable batteries can power any of the more than 35 tools in the Flex Force line, no matter the season or conditions,” says Werner. “The new 60V Power Max snow blower makes quick work of clearing serious snow, ice and heavy drifts — all on one charge.”

The Flex-Force system provides maximum runtime and power to the entire suite of more than 35 Toro 60V products thanks to cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology. For more information on the new 60V Flex-Force family, please visit Toro's website. For information on where to purchase these products, please visit the Toro Locator, The Home Depot, ACE Hardware and Tractor Supply Company.