Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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We've got you covered

Matt Peterson provides an update on the new snow liability insurance program and why you need to be involved. More

Milwaukee snow fighter to receive accolade

Marquette University will honor KEI's Ron Kujawa with its Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award. More

Salt in the wound

Don't expect salt prices to drop heading into Winter 2015-16, says ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride. Though you're still wrapping up this recent snow season, he explains why it's never to soon to start planning for the next. More

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Only one way to find out. Submit your company by completing the online form. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete. More

We need your help

Take a few moments to complete our annual State of the Industry research questionnaire. More

Product Spotlight

Hiniker Scoop Plow

Conclave shape of the plow provides greater capacity, less spillage and faster, more efficient plowing Plow’s 20-degree... More

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Hiniker debuts tailgate spreaders

New stainless steel SS600/SS1000 model provides optimum material control. More

Hiniker debuts new v-plow

9200 series torsion-trip V-plow features double-acting hydraulic cylinders that hold wings securely in position, even while backdragging. More

2015 ASCA Member Outreach Program

Association members have the opportunity to win awesome prizes for every new member they refer. More

Pro-Tech salutes "sno fighters"

Company launches website highlighting snow and ice management contractors. More

Western introduces new tailgate spreaders

Trio includes the Western Pro-Flo 900 and Pro-Flo 525 tailgate spreaders and the Low-Pro 300W wireless electric tailgate spreader. More

Fisher launches new spreader

Steel-Caster stainless steel hopper spreader available in six sizes. More

Fisher introduces new plow

Stainless steel HDX snowplow features an adjustable attack angle that can be set to 55°, 65° or 75°. More

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March Webinar: Understanding Insurance

In this Snow Magazine webinar, Matt Peterson, CRIS, insurance industry expert and Snow Magazine contributor, discusses the state of insurance for the professional snow and ice management industry, then he gets in the hot seat and answers questions about insurance, what goes into securing insurance for a snow contractor, pricing, the impact of slip-and-fall claims, how to best deal with your insurance company, and any other related topic. More

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